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Another Way

Follow the story of former professional skier Ian Compton as he quits pro skiing to find another path in life.

Inside the Cabin: Another Way

Inside the Cabin: Inside The World of Ian Compton

Words and Photos by Mike Rogge

Ian's homemade dream catcher. Photo: Mike Rogge

Ian Compton and I have known one another for over a decade. When he abruptly quit pro skiing I felt close enough to him to reach out. While he seemingly fell off the ski world's radar my friend Ian and I kept in touch. After a couple years I decided to make a film about reinventing oneself. It's possibly the hardest thing to do from a mental standpoint. When searching for a subject for my film, Ian's life began to take shape into what we display in the film. He was able to come full-circle and find happiness in his new life. Below is a gallery of images from our time in Greensboro, Vermont.

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