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Merritt Lentz

Location: Montana

Specializes in: Website Design and Development, Graphic Design, WordPress Plugin and Theme Development, Web Application Development

Hobbies: Playing guitar right when I wake up each morning, Backcountry Skiing (but hey, resort days are fun too), Oil Painting, Skateboarding in pools and bowls, camping and adventuring with my number one dude, Karuuk the dog.

Podcast: I haven’t found a good podcast in some time and I’ve have lost interest in many of the ones I was listening to. Legendary skateboarder / videographer Josh Beagle has been uploading all of his old VX1000 footage to YouTube under his new brand, Hijinx Network, and I do love the 9 Club podcast with Chris Roberts.

Streaming Show You Need To Watch: Ozark is a good one but I haven’t started the latest season. Hoping to get back into reading tons of serious fiction and leaving my TV turned off for the summer. Well see. It is going to be hard to not dump tons of time into the new Doom Eternal game.

Goals: To follow through on one of my inventions. I have been coming up with inventions of all kinds since I was a little kid. Whether it was building levels for the original Quake or just sketching my ideas, I always have had the urge to create. I always assumed that when I was ready, I would just flip a switch and bring one of my sketches to life, but it turns out that the easiest time to create is when you are in your youth, before the weight of responsibility sets in. But that can’t stop me, so I am hoping to have something completed and on the market by the end of 2020!

An Award: I won 2nd place at the Montana State Greco-Roman Wrestling tournament when I was in high school. The bracket wasn’t very big and it wasn’t my best tournament by any means, but it still felt good to place at that level. Doing so also punched my ticket for Nationals, but I ended up only doing the training portion and skipping out on the tournament itself. I kind of regret that! But the best awards, in my opinion, are personal achievements…there are days of skiing with the boys that will always sit in my mind as some of my greatest moments doing anything. Not that I am keeping score or anything haha.


Why I Work With Verb Cabin: I believe in the power of collaboration. Verb Cabin brings together a strong team of professionals who are all self-made, self-motivated, and masters of their craft. We push each other to produce our best work, while complimenting each other’s skill sets by bringing our unique perspective and work experience to the table.