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Jeff Thomas

Nicknamed Wolverine, Jeff really enjoys hard work.

Jeff has made a career of combining his passions of video production, and spending as many days on snow, as possible. He is an award winning outdoor & adventure producer with over 15 years of experience that has worn every hat. He has worked with an extensive list of adventure brands, resort destinations & media agencies. In his past life, he was co-producer/director at Switchback Entertainment and co-director/cinematographer/editor at Poor Boyz Productions. Most recently, he was Director of Video Production, establishing a successful video production strategy at Origin Outside. With a love for entrepreneurship, he continues to expand his knowledge finding new ways to grow our production network. He is a multi-faceted creative with a passion for producing, directing & post-production but he is always up for grabbing his RED camera and getting his hands dirty on short films, branded content and long form film productions. Family & outdoor production are his life and he is driven by all that it entails.

Swing by to view his demo reel.