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Jarred Haynes

Location: Wyandanch, New York (Long Island)

Specializes in: Audio Engineering, Song Production, Voice-Over Talent

Hobbies: Preaching (I’m a Pastor is that a hobby?), Freestyle Rapping, All things wrestling and spontaneous adventures (kayaking, hiking, etc.)

Podcast: WhatCultureWrestling Podcast and Mountain Gazette Podcast (I’m the host)

Streaming Show You Need To Watch: Dave (Hulu)

Goals: I want to spread love and dope music and, within the next decade, I should win an EGOT.

An Award: I created the annual music awards at the College of Saint Rose and won the Peoples Choice Award in 2007. They still hold the award show and there is an award named after my artist name—the “AllStar” award.


Why I Work With Verb Cabin: Well I was there from the beginning. I knew Mike Rogge when he bought his first pair of Birkenstocks. I am honored to have watched his vision blossom into such a great company. I am also grateful to be in a position where my gifts can be used to help further the continued growth of said vision. I work here, because I wouldn’t rather work anywhere else.